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Elias Research actively works to present new study opportunities to our nationwide Network every single week. Since our start in 2010, we have sent out 2,000+ study opportunities across a broad range of medical Indications to our Network.  We offer our sites:

Expediency.  Let the study opportunities come to your Inbox. Our business development team actively seeks out and receives new studies from Industry leading Pharmaceutical companies and CROs and we present them cost-free to your Site.

Reliability.   With years of experience in negotiating 1,900+ contracts and budgets, we know the industry. We work with established partners in Sponsor and CROs companies to negotiate the most advantageous budgets and payment terms for your site. 

Transparency.  There are no hidden fees or costs​ in our business relationships. Every aspect of our financial agreement is clearly itemized in our public Payment Policy, from dollars to percentages, and we actively present this information to our sites with each study opportunity in order to inspire trust and confidence in our work and business ethic. 

Best of All, Working with Elias Research is Financially Risk-FreeElias Research Associates only receives compensation once a site has been selected and activated on a study. If you do not get paid, neither do we. In the meantime, we work to put your site before CROs and Sponsor companies cost-free as we strive together towards our mutual goal of site selection and fast activation and start-up.

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